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Singing Frog is where world, indigenous, new age and ambient music crosses global and musical borders to bring new and exciting rhythms and melodies, and retrieve ancient and traditional sounds.

There are 8 million people in Europe with Romani ancestry, and approximately 4 million in the Americas and worldwide.Singing Frog Music & Media is seeking to produce a comprehensive series on the history of the Roma (Gypsies), working in collaboration with Professor Ian Hancock, Director of the Romani Studies and Romani Archives and Documentation Center, at the University of Texas at Austin.From their migration from India through to their arrival in Europe in the 13th century, and up until the present day and globality, a first! This would be their story from the inside out told with colour, passion and emotion.Rromane Dromensa - Along Romani Roads - would the history of a much maligned people through their words and perspective, with the full variety and character of an international people.
Photo below: Kostas Pavlidis, Greek Romani singer & musician 
  Ian HancockRomani Archives & Documentation Center