Walk In Beauty

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Singing Frog is where world, indigenous, new age and ambient music crosses global and musical borders to bring new and exciting rhythms and melodies, and retrieve ancient and traditional sounds.

Walk In Beauty by Peter Kater & Joseph FireCrow Native American culture strongly emphasizes the importance of walking this earth with respect, awareness and consideration for many generations to come. The musical alchemy of multi-Grammy-nominated pianist & composer Peter Kater and Grammy-nominated Northern Cheyenne flutist Joseph FireCrow is just mesmerizing. Soulful melodies and soaring soprano saxophone; primal and textured percussion; a well-spring of piano; and the gentle power of Native American flute. This music takes you on a musical journey with respect for the earth, and on a walk in beauty.

Peter Kater was born in Munich, Germany and raised in the United States. Renowned as a pianist & composer of music ranging through healing, spiritual, environmental, and Native American themes, he has received multiple Grammy nominations as well as the Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations.

Joseph FireCrow was born and raised in Montana, a Northern Cheyenne fluteman who has been given charge by his people to learn the Wolf Songs - songs of love & affection that teach patience, generosity, honesty and understanding. He is a Grammy Award winner and Native American Music Award “Flutist of the Year”.

“We exist within the Universe just as the Universe exists within us. With time, we gain access to our most intimate center and can travel great inner expanses one step at a time and experience our Selves as part of the great natural divinity of all the Earth and the Heavens. This is our birthright . . . and our healing.” - Peter Kater

“The very first time I heard the flute, I was a young boy. The music was beautiful to my ears, yet it scared me. The sound of the flute touched my heart, where there was much pain and uncertainty. Through all of the hardships of reservation life, the beauty and wonder of our homeland beckoned to me.”

- Joseph FireCrow

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1. Walk In Beauty Play
2. Beautiful Heart Play
3. Sweet Embrace  
4. Dancing With The Moon Play
5. Once More Before The Dawn  
6. Always Find Me Here  
7. The Good Road Play
8. For My Children’s Children