Tribal Blood

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Singing Frog is where world, indigenous, new age and ambient music crosses global and musical borders to bring new and exciting rhythms and melodies, and retrieve ancient and traditional sounds.

A  soundscape  of melody and rhythm set to Maori music & chant, kapa haka, in honour of the first arrival, and the new tribal land, oceans, skies and forests.

Discovering Aotearoa:
Around one thousand years ago, voyaging Polynesian canoes discovered the last large land area on Earth, a remote and still uninhabited wilderness in the southern Pacific Ocean with a flora and fauna unlike anywhere else. The skill of Polynesian seamanship was truly remarkable. Navigators were trained from an early age to sit in a semi trance-like state, and read the stars, ocean currents and weather changes, as well as discerning the subtlest of changes in the migration and flight paths of myriads of animal life. However, after many thousands of tropical sea miles and finally facing the fresh challenge and opportunity of the by new high and exotic mountains, the dense rainforest and its strange new creatures, a great sense of mystery and wonder must have certainly occurred.

Rawiri Toia has composed and created music and poetry in the footsteps of these ancestors. And he was able to express through indigenous music and histories that which David was unable to through music alone. Tribal Blood- Maori Heartbeat is the fruit of this meeting, exploring the feelings of marvel and separation of the first people to settle these extraordinary islands of Aotearoa/New Zealand, a people who now call themselves Maori.

David Antony Clark is a musical magpie who has travelled the world, and in so doing he has created an idiosyncratic body of music from a unique standpoint. An audio engineer running the digital production and mastering houseUCA Recording, he has periodically taken time out to explore the Pacific, the Far East and the American continents. His musical inspiration stems primarily from the vibrancy of the natural world, and on Tribal Blood, he has joined up with Rawiri Toia to explore his country's ancient past through traditional Maori music and instrumentation.

Rāwiri Toia (Ngāpuhi) is a highly respected Maorilecturer andlanguage educator at Victoria University of Wellington, who grew up in New Zealand’s far north. He isa musician with a “big ballad” voice and an  expert inkapa haka(Maori music & chanting), and part of the Māori performing arts group Te Waka Huia which won the national competition for kapa haka in 2009.  He has, in addition, written a number of waiata (songs) for others, and some of his waiata have been recorded on CD.

David first met Rawiri during a recording session in Porirua, outside Wellington in New Zealand, for a Maori musical and educational project. They continued their work together on other similar projects. Rawiri is a leader in promoting the current renaissance of Maori language and culture in New Zealand. It was a natural follow-on for them to join up for Tribal Blood.


With: Chief Dancing Thunder, Piripi Rangihaeata, Lester Mohi, Apirana Taylor, Ron Riddell, Evan Williams.