Shaman Dancing

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Singing Frog is where world, indigenous, new age and ambient music crosses global and musical borders to bring new and exciting rhythms and melodies, and retrieve ancient and traditional sounds.

Shaman Dancing journeys deep into the ancient & mystical realm of the Shaman.

From the most ancient of times the shaman has played a fundamental role in hunting societies around the world. Through the shaman's intervention the harmonious balance between the spirit and natural worlds is maintained: crops are harvested, hunts are successfully completed, and illness is cured or prevented.
Through ecstatic trance, often induced by the rhythm of a drum, the apprentice shaman enters the spirit world where a lengthy and sometimes painful process of psychic rebirth begins. Training completed, he or she will be able to freely travel and communicate with the spirits, heal the sick, and seek spiritual assistance for the hunt and the betterment of society.
This album is dedicated to the spirits those men and women who have sacrificed so much for humanity and aided in our survival and well-being throughout countless millennia.
1. The Chanting Sun Play
2. Spirit Stalking Play
3. The Lake of Souls w/ Pema Lhamo Play
4. Prayer to the Sky Father Play
5. The Garden of Visions Play
6. The Healing Mask Play
7. Shaman Dancing w/ Dancing Thunder