Gone - Soundtrack

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The familiar trek of young backpackers in Australia embraces both the neon city and the desolate outback, as do the central characters in the new Working Title movie GONE. Consequently it’s the path adopted by the movie’s haunting soundtrack – composed, produced, and sourced by one of Australia’s leading, and multi-award winning, musical craftsmen of cinema, David Bridie.

Bridie’s raw, unpretentious approach has made him a favourite of directors seeking an offbeat but lyrical, and at times disquieting, edge to their work. His work on GONE seamlessly fulfils director Ringan Ledwidge’s highly artistic vision whilst never compromising his own artistic integrity.

Desert ambience creates the parched, unrelenting foundation for the music, recorded in and around Winton Western Queensland by Bridie at the very location in which GONE’s characters find themselves helplessly embroiled.

“To do a soundtrack that reflected the landscape was perfect for me,” says Bridie. “I'm interested musically, and lyrically too, in that notion that there is great beauty amongst the harsh, arid surrounds. In many ways it is anti life. It’s not a space that nurtures humans, especially from Europe, or other life forms for that matter. A lot of people think, desert, there's nothing there. But once you spend time there, if you allow the slow reveal, there are multi-layers of growth, multi-layers of sound.”

The limited edition double CD set contains music from the movie soundtrack plus a companion CD of source music. “Loss,” the featured vocal track sung by Jida Gulpilil (son of actor David) is dominated by a haunting traditional vocal wail cascading over a recurring piano theme. The angular urban guitar of Midnight Oil’s Jim Moginie on “Kings Cross Neon Lights” and the walls of guitar noise from Melbourne’s Magic Dirt and long time Bridie collaborator Phil Wales, contrast with the lush menacing beauty of the orchestral cues co-written with orchestral arranger David Abiuso. Another long time Bridie collaborator, sound engineer Christian Scallan, was responsible for the deceptively sparse mixes that draw together the layers of sound and emotion.

The companion CD, Ambient Translations from the Middle of Nowhere, displays Bridie’s love of freeform sonic artistry together with his unrestrained and long-held passion for the harsh beauty of the Australian landscape. Many of the sound textures were captured at Winton, the primary shooting location for the movie, and later enhanced in the studio with contorted guitar contributions from Wales, Moginie and Magic Dirt. GONE, for David Bridie, has become an album he animatedly describes as much more than a soundtrack – it is an entity of its own.

David Bridie

David Bridie has enjoyed a distinguished career as songwriter, singer, musician, producer, and composer. As lead vocalist, songwriter and pianist of critically acclaimed band Not DrowningWaving, David built a worldwide reputation through the six albums and two soundtracks the band released during its illustrious career.

David's debut solo album, Act of Free Choicewas released by EMI Records Australia in May 2000 and nominated for Album of the Year in the 2000 ARIA Awards. It was released in the UK on Parlophone having been produced by Ian Caple (Tricky/Tindersticks). He followed this up with Hotel Radio in 2004.

He has composed the score on such films asThe Man who Sued God (starring Billy Connolly/Judy Davis), In a Savage Land(Martin Donovan), The Myth of Fingerprints(Julianne Moore) and Proof (Russell Crowe) amongst others.

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Theatrical Release

  • UK: March 9, 2007
  • Australia: May 31, 2007

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1. Drive #1 Bad Place  
2. Loss (sung by Jida Gulpilil) Play
3. Gone Play
4. Neon Night Kings Cross Play
5. Healing Play
6. Old Town Winton Poison Hole Play
7. Longreach Hotel  
8. Mesa Play
9. Railtracks RestMotel  
10. Pills Play
11. Delirium  
12. Tanks  
13. Diamantina Accordion  
14. Flicking The Polaroid  
15. Love Falls Apart  
16. Plain Wrong Play
17. Black Dog Play
18. Middle Of Nowhere 1 Play
19. Middle Of Nowhere 2  
20. Loss Reprise Play
Ambient translations from the middle of nowhere
1. Road train Play
2. Winton music fence  
3. Mill loop  
4. Windmill Play
5. Bladensburg NP  
6. Conch and wire  
7. Windmill #2  
8. Space  
9. Tank  
10. Wires #1  
11. Wires #2  
12. Skull hole  
13. Wires #3  
14. Crow  
15. Conches